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About Swing Sets

The swing set is one of the most popular backyard toys for kids under the age of twelve. Swing Sets can be called numerous different things from playgrounds to playsets to forts to swings.

Swing sets come in all kinds of shapes and configurations. One of the most popular forms of swing sets are made of wood. There are several different choices of wood when it comes to your backyard swing. The most popular being Pine Wood. This hardwood is the most popular because it is affordable and extremely durable. A playground made with pine wood will require some sort of stain or treatment in order to prevent the wood from rotting. Another popular wood used in wood playsets is cedar. An advantage of cedar is it is naturally resistant to insects and elements. This type of material makes the cost of a playground increase dramatically.

When it actually comes to choosing the shape of your swing set, it all begins with the features and the primary feature is typically the swing beam. Swing beams range by how many positions are available for activities.

    The most popular size swing beam is a 3 position beam. 3 Position swing beams typically come with two swing belts and a trapeze bar like picture left. It is important to note that the there a differences in quality and design when it comes to your swing beam and this is an integral part of any playground. What we consider a High Quality set will use a 2 x 6 for the actual beam. How the actual hardware is attached to the beam is vital as well. The preferred mounting is called through bolt in which the actual bolt is fastened on the top side of the beam.

    Classic 3 Position Swing Set by Gorilla Playsets

    When it comes to the accessories, pretty much all brands offer interchangeable. While it is important to note what accessories come included with your set, you can always swap out to more desired ones if necessary.

    Click here to view all of BuySwingSets Swing Set Accessories

Beyond the swing beam there are many factors in finding the right swing set to meet your needs. The fort tends to be the next place to look at. Fort deck height will ultimately dictate what size slide can attach to the your playset. The two most common deck heights are 4' and 5'. When you have a 4' deck you typically will find an 8' slide and a 5' deck will have a 10' slide. Play decks come will lots of different square footage. Do you want big or small? The next decision with regards to fort configuration is the roof. The options are typically wood or vinyl. Most prefer the wood for the appearance but it is important to note that unless this is a cedar set, at some point you will need to treat the roof. Also note worthy is most canopies are marine quality and are extremely durable.

From here you have numerous features and options such as climbing walls, rope ladders, monkey bars, tire swings, firemans pole just to name a few.
Sun Palace Swing Set by Gorilla Playsets