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Swing Set Assembly

Swing Sets can be an intimidating purchase online because typically you the customer are responsible for the actually assembly. This is probably the #1 reason that customers both buy and don't buy online.

Why they Buy?
If a customer is willing to take the time and put forth the energy required to build their own swing set, they will typically be rewarded by getting more bang for their buck. We have seen playsets that sell online for under $2,000 sell for over $4,000 at local playground shops that offer installation.

Why they don't Buy?
Many customers are intimidated with the thought of building their own swing set. This is an expensive investment that many people just don't feel comfortable with. Experience is not needed but confidence in following directions is needed.

The following is words from a customer that purchased a Great Skye I from us in 2010:

Great Skye I by Gorilla Playsets We received our shipment mid morning on a Friday. The shipment was huge (10 or 11 boxes). We were a little nervous to see what curbside delivery meant. The driver was great. The pallet was so large that he thought it was best if we unloaded the boxes one at a time. This ultimately made it easier for us to transport the set to the backyard.

After the set was in the backyard we took the advice the BuySwingSets customer service rep gave us and we unpacked and organized everything. With 1000s of parts and pieces it took my wife, father in law and I a little over a hour. It is important to note that this without any question this saved us hours in the long run.

Our strategy was simple, two of us were going to assemble while the third would be the foreman and fetch the parts. The foreman was always a step ahead that there was never any down time. We started Step 1 at 12:30 PM. Initially we lacked a little confidence and second guessed every step before actually proceeding. As the day went on, that began to disappear. At the end of Day 1 (5 PM or 4 1/2 hours of assembly time) we had the main fort and the upper fort structure beams in place. This is the most time consuming part of the entire set up because of squaring off and leveling the entire set.

Day 2 started at about 7:30 AM. We attacked the swing beam first thing which took all three of us to maneuver. After the swing beam was in place, my wife and I went on to the lumber construction of the fort while my father in law began assembling the Tube Slide. The wood assemble flew, although there was a lot of wood to complete the Great Skye Playset. My father in law had his hands full with the tube slide. In fact, at one point he grabbed my mother in law to help. The issue was the amount of bolts required to assemble it and you can not tighten them until the slide is attached. By the time the tube slide was complete, we had all the wood attached including the roof and had begun attaching accessories like the wave slide and rock wall.

Attaching the tube slide took all of us to move and attach. This slowed the overall process for a bit but once attached it was on to the finishing touches with only the fort accessories (telescope, telescope, tic tac toe and flags)

Overall it took us about 13 hours of actual assembly time. We were very apprehensive about building our own swing set but after this we would not hesitate to do this again. The key is to take your time, stay organized and follow the instructions.