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Swing Set Buyers Guide

Swing sets provide hours of fun and entertainment for children of all ages. Swing Sets come in different sizes and configurations, as well different materials. Buying a Swing Set can be very overwhelming. That is why at Buy Swing Sets, we have done our best to do all of the initial research. We stand 110% behind all Swing Set manufactures we sell on our shop. Buy Swing Sets is a premier online dealer for Backyard Discovery, Gorilla Playsets, Creative Playthings, Swing N Slide, KidWise, Congo Playsets, and much more.

Now that you know we have the brands to meet your child's needs, lets go over some of the types of Swing Sets:

Wood Swing Sets are without a doubt the most common swing sets purchased for at home use. The plus side for Wood Swing Sets is that they provide the most sturdy play setting of all play sets. Most Wooden Swing Sets are made from pressure treated wood. This allows manufactures to offer a 10 year + warranty. The down side to Wood Swing Sets is that they tend to be more expensive then other types of swing sets.

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Plastic Coated Swing Sets or Maintenance Free Swing Sets are a great alternative to Wooden Swing Sets. Plastic Coated Swing Sets are generally Wooden Swing Sets that have a plastic protection on them. These are ideal for warm and damp climates such as Florida and other Gulf Coast States. Another advantage to Plastic Coated Swing Sets is that there are splitter free because of the protective coat. Unfortunately, these tend to be the most expensive Swing Sets for home use.

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Metal Swing Sets are a very popular choice of Swing Sets. They are generally basic in design, usually an "A Frame". Because of their simplicity, Metal Swing Sets are typically the least expensive of all Swings Sets. Currently, Buy Swing Sets does not feature any Metal Swing Sets.

Preschool Swing Sets are just that, Swing Sets intended for Preschool use. These swing sets are for commercial use. We recommend contacting one of our sales associates to discuss purchasing Preschool Swing Sets.